"I was looking to purchase a home with a "zero down" deal, I had forty days till my lease was up, was dealing with last minute deadlines and a struggling with a three-month old son at home. The realtor I'd been working with left town, and Linda came in with a "let's get it done" attitude. She pursued all possibilities for me without ever pressuring me. Within one week I found a house! If you want something and aren't getting it, Linda's gonna make it happen."

- Lonnie Johnson

I'm not a typical buyer, I'm not attracted to typical properties. But, then, Linda isn't a typical realtor! I wanted to buy a property that was in bankruptcy, something I'd not done before. Linda hadn't done a transaction like that before, but that didn't stop her, she's not afraid to try new experiences. She's extremely knowledgeable, but if there's something she doesn't know, she'll say so, then find the answer.

Her husband and partner Pat is great, too. He does the site work, and deals with due diligence and makes sure all is taken care of . The combination of the two of them is much more than I was used to dealing with in a realtor.

In terms of professional competency, you run the gamut: there's a whole bunch of mediocrity out there, a lot of below-the-norm professionals. Linda goes well above and beyond that and creates a whole new level of competency, trustworthiness and a feeling that you're completely safe in her hands.

- Nancy Bender

"If you want someone to really listen to you, then Linda is the one. I was selling my house, and I needed to be coddled; what was most important in our relationship is that Linda would call me when she said she would, and would keep me informed. It was a very tough market and Linda had to work extra hard, but there were no complications - the transaction was perfect!"

- Nancy Glaviano

"I have seven kids, and I needed something now and something big. Linda helped me find my house, but then due to a foreclosure the appraised value of the home dropped. I was very frustrated, but Linda stayed in contact with me and made sure I did everything I needed to do, and I came out on top with a great deal on the house I wanted. Even after closing, Linda was still checking up on me.

After all was said and done, it was awesome to still get that kind of service from her. The best part about working with Linda is that not only did I get the house I wanted, but gained a great friend also."

- Oliver Johnson

"I met Linda through our mortgage officer Meg Swain. We were buying a home and had a previous real estate agent we weren't satisfied with, not very knowledgeable and we got the feeling she'd rather be with someone else. With Linda, when she was working with us, we were it, her main focus, her main concern. She's someone you can talk to, she brings everything down to layman terms, doesn't have to use a lot of real estate lingo.

We had some frustrations with our transaction - counter offers, appraisal issues - but Linda handled it all and calmed us down; she really brings calm to a stressful situation. She really knew what we were going through, there's a lot of empathy there. In the end, everything worked out great.

Linda does a lot more than just fill a quota, she really makes sure you get what you want. She's just a great person."

- Brett and Roberta Buss