"We sold two properties with Linda. One, a rental property, had been on the market nearly three months; Linda sold it within two weeks. Both properties sold well in a tough market, because Linda knows everything about the market, what properties were available and what they offered, and who was looking for what. She�s always full of ideas, she thinks and talks about everything with you, she�s always one step ahead. She is hands-down the worry-free realtor, with no surprises."

- D.J. Murray

"Linda has so much patience and humor! She helped me for two years to find my house; I�m a very picky German engineer and I travel a lot. Just as the market got crazy, I had family move into town and found myself needing a bigger place, enough to house two adults, four kids and six cats. Between traveling and houses that didn�t work out, it took two years to find my current home. Buying a house of that magnitude was big stretch of my comfort zone; it was by far the biggest purchase I've made and it was a leap of faith.

Working with Pat and Linda was wonderful; they compliment each other so well. They are lots of fun to work with, and so well-experienced, they give you all the options, they have insight to the market and know the worthwhile options out there. They have honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and ? most important to me ? persistence!"

- Bert Wank

"We had the right property, we were motivated to sell. When Linda looked our house, she brought in a home stager, who detailed what to move or put away, what would detract from the house, and what would enhance it just with a few inexpensive touches. When we were finished, Linda brought in a great professional photographer to take pictures, which turned out amazing. The house had a similar floor plan to others in the neighborhood - some models were a newer and a little better - but none of the pictures could compare to ours. After all the work we'd done with the staging and getting the pictures, we got an offer within five weeks.

The buyer had trouble getting mortgage insurance; it delayed the closing, really nerve-wracking. Through it all Linda was very communicative, we weren't left twisting in the wind. It really helped that she - not surprisingly - had a good relationship with the buyer's agent, they were very interactive. We were able to close ten days later; no other houses in the neighborhood were selling at all. Linda really pulled off a miracle for us!"

- Andrea Lemon

�My loan officer Meg Swain recommend Linda to me. I didn't even know her, but she lit a fire under me and got me excited. Just by talking to me on the phone she got a great impression of exactly what I wanted. I met her and I just knew she was the right one to help me find what I wanted. When we got to the house I eventually bought, it was like magic. I said, 'Linda, this house feels right.'

There were problems with the transaction because of my ex-husband not signing some releases. It was so stressful; I thought I'd lose the house and myself. If it weren't for Linda and Meg . . . .they really, really knew what they were doing, they never gave up. Linda kept me focused: 'We're going to get this, this is your house, this is your dream.' The deal went back and forth, back and forth, I was constantly reassured by Linda and Meg. They were like mother hens, soldiers, guardian angels defending me - nothing was going to keep me from getting this house. Words cannot express what that meant to me.

When Linda called me and said, 'I have your keys... ' and now I'm sitting in this house that's mine... it's a home, not just a house, it will always have such special memories. I'm a single parent and I got my dream. I thought I would never ever get to be in a house of my own; Linda made it happen. I didn't think I could get a loan; Meg made that happen.

If every I meet anyone who needs a house, that team will be the first words out of my mouth. They have touched my life in ways they'll never know. They will never be forgotten."

- Charlotte Robertson-Aylestock

"I had wound up with two mortgages; it was a hard load with the economy, things were tight and I needed to get out from underneath. Linda said, "do this to make things optimal". In two weeks, we had an offer. In ten weeks, it was a done deal, I was out of the house! Everything moved really fast, but Linda had her pulse on where the market was going to go, and she was right about all of it.

What really stood out about Linda was her confidence and knowledge. Because she's honest with you about the way it is, she helps you get the best outcome possible. She does the best with the situation you're in to make it work for you. It's not about the pocketbook, it's about what's right for people. We got exactly what we wanted."

- Erin Kantola

"I wanted to buy a house and had done some looking on my own, but wasn�t sure what I wanted. I met Linda through my loan officer Meg Swain. Linda and I discussed several options, and looked at some houses. I especially liked one, and brought my daughter for her opinion. When she walked in, she said, "Dad, this is the house for you." I made an offer.

Working with Linda was a very positive experience, she was professional, everything went very smooth, and she found the house I wanted very quickly. I would recommend her services to anyone."

- George Salveson

"My father had passed away and I was trying to sell his house. He was a big hoarder, and I was really overwhelmed as where to start. Linda was very forthright and told me, "this is what you need to do, this is how you do it." I did what she recommended and we had four offers in the first week, in this economy! Linda was available for us twenty-four/seven, whatever we needed. She really does care, she cares about you, she makes sure you get what's right for yourself. I would most definitely recommend her to anybody."

- Laurie Schock