"As a lender, I've found that a lot of agents are only as good as the transaction is. If a bump in the road comes up, you find out the agent can't handle the pressure and the deal falls through. Linda can take the good with the bad. When a problem with a transaction comes up, she never panics. She'll ask, "how do we fix it, what are our options?", and she follows through until the problem is solved. I don't think we have ever not been able to deliver on a deal brought to us by Linda. Of all the realtors I've dealt with over the years, Linda is right there at the top."

- Richard Murrian

"In the world of real estate, you want someone who is going to work with you, not just for you. The knowledge that Linda has brought to the table has taken us further down the road to reaching our goals as serious investors. Never would I have imagined that we would own the properties we now do, had it not been for Linda. I would recommend Linda highly to anyone looking for an agent who will always be there for them, not just during the transaction but for a lifetime of real estate needs."

- Gary and Tami Thul

"Jerry and I met Linda 3 years ago by way of referral. Another one of her raving fans told us about her to sell our properties. We had one of our homes listed previously with another realtor with no results. Within 3 weeks of listing both of our homes, they SOLD at full asking price. Very exciting!

Linda is not only a fabulous realtor, she is a great friend. Because of her dedication to her clients and her meticulous attention to detail, I have also referred her to several of my friends and have yet to be dissapointed by the results. What I like to tell people is this, "If you don't want to worry if your house will sell or not - CALL LINDA!" She is the worry free realtor without a doubt! "

- Jody Wood

"What stands out about Linda is her dedication to her work and her clients. She's a stickler for the details -- very precise and meticulous -- and doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. Though I am an independently licensed broker and real estate instructor, my specialty is commercial real estate and property management, so I rely on Linda's expertise as a residential specialist. I've referred several clients to Linda and am confident when doing so that they will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism."

- Lou Ginsberg


"We actually have a good friend who is a real estate agent, but we chose to work with Linda instead. Throughout our transaction, Linda was always on top of things and always kept us informed what was happening. The thing that stands out about Linda is her sincerity. She's not like a car salesperson who, once the deal is closed, they call out, "NEXT", and forget about you. She's there for you for the whole process and makes sure youre taken care of. Linda works from the heart."

- Paul Munoz and James Cabrieto

"I was brand new to Tucson and in a hurry: I was looking for both a home and an investment property, and needed them within a matter of weeks. I felt Linda respected that and didn't want to waste my time, that she was focused on my happiness, rather than on her commission. She is passionate about what she does, and getting her clients what they want. I'm still reaping the benefits from both my transactions, and I could not have done it without Linda!"

- Eliana Morris

"Linda is a professional and friendly real estate agent who provides expertise from years of experience, and is reliable to ensure a smooth transaction. She has a good eye for investment opportunities and a great knowledge of the Tucson area. I have done several real estate transactions with Linda and will continue to recommend her to others."

- The Feldmans